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      1. 廣州奧太制冷設備有限公司

        Guangzhou AoTai Refrigeration Equipment Co.,Ltd

        About Us
        Guangzhou Aotai refrigeration equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in May 11, 2005, headquartered in Beijing, with the expansion of the development of enterprises and market share, the company purchased land in the city of Conghua Pearl Industrial Park in 2009 August, November 22, 2009 started the construction of the new plant, in which the car between 12480 square meters, 2453.7 square meters office building, building 450.5 square meters, and on July 2010 formally put into operation. Same year sales reached 100 billion yuan.
        The sun company mainly for air conditioning host manufacturers provide all kinds of high performance cooling heat exchanger, outdoor condensing units, fan coil, automotive air conditioning heat exchanger and related products and accessories refrigeration system installation and maintenance service, is a professional manufacturing enterprise in refrigeration industry. The company currently has a National Laboratory for a comprehensive product testing, the company has passed ISO9001:2015 international quality management system, the United States UL security certification, CE test certification.
        Companies with high-quality human resources for the development of backing, has a group of refrigeration, HVAC, mechanical automation and other professional first-class technical personnel, after years of development, the company advanced production technology, sophisticated manufacturing technology, perfect production equipment and strict quality management system and process control, providing high performance and quality reliable products to customers. The company with excellent product performance and quality of service has won the trust of customers, products have been the United States of York, Trane, GREE, Midea and many well-known domestic and foreign manufacturers are using the host and exported to Europe and the United States and other foreign markets. The company has strength, confidence to open up a broader space for development, together to make greater contributions to the field of refrigeration.
        北京奧太華制冷設備有限公司 廣州奧太制冷設備有限公司 奧華制冷設備有限公司